Download VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP, XCI ROM

Download VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP, XCI ROM

Release Date
June 21, 2024
Publisher & Developer
Image Format NSP NSZ
Game Version 1.0
Language English
Required firmware Base=18.0.1 (Atmosphere or SXOS)(Sigpatches)
Multiplayer Single System (1)


VENARI – Escape Room Adventure : A compelling game called “VENARI – Escape Room Adventure” was created by M9 Games and is accessible on PC and Nintendo Switch. In this game, players are sent to an enigmatic island where they must use all of their puzzle-solving abilities to find the Venari item. Beginning with a secret map, the journey takes players to an undiscovered island home to mysterious passageways, historic ruins, and challenging riddles.

Playing the game entails exploring a variety of settings, including mountainous terrains, abandoned temples, and spooky caves. Each location has been painstakingly created to provide a different set of obstacles and atmospheres. Gamers will go through a range of escape room-inspired puzzles, from complex mechanical gadgets to logic-based tests. Resolving these riddles progressively reveals the island’s mysteries and the past of the prehistoric civilization.


“VENARI – Escape Room Adventure” provides a captivating gaming experience that blends an exciting plot with aspects of classic escape room puzzles. This is a synopsis of the gameplay:

  • Discovery & Island Setting: In order to locate the Venari artifact, players set out on an adventure that starts on an undiscovered island and is led by a hidden map. The island is portrayed as a maze with complicated puzzles, hidden chambers, and ancient ruins.
  • Various Environments: The game takes place in a number of locations, such as rocky outcrops, abandoned temples, spooky caverns, and seaside regions. To improve immersion, each environment is created with intricate graphics and atmospheric effects (
  • Conundrums and Difficulties
    Variety of Puzzles: From complex mechanical devices to logic-based difficulties, players are presented with a variety of puzzle kinds. In order to advance, players must solve these riddles, which are important to the gameplay (
  • Hidden Secrets: As players progress through the game, they will be able to uncover more mythology and hidden secrets that help to piece together the history of the Venari artifact and the prehistoric people who once called the island home (
  • Mechanisms of Gameplay
    First-Hand View: Because the game is played in first person, players can interact more closely with the surroundings and puzzles and feel more immersed in the experience.
    Control Options: Depending on how they choose to play, players can use a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse to navigate and interact (
    Narrative and Advancement
    Tale Continuum: Although “VENARI” carries on the actions of a prior game (“Art Heist”), it is made to be playable by new players.
  • Adventure and Discovery: As players explore and solve riddles, the tale of the game progressively reveals the island’s secrets and past. Players are kept interested and inspired to solve the mystery of the Venari artifact by this storytelling technique (
  • Sound and Images
    Unique Soundtrack: To enhance the ambiance of the game, the lone developer created a unique ambient soundtrack.
    Detailed Graphics: Every environment in the game has been painstakingly created with great attention to detail, giving players a visually stimulating and captivating experience.​

Download VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP, XCI ROM

  • VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP ROM | 4.1 GB

Download VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP ROM

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Download VENARI – Escape Room Adventure NSP, XCI ROM Video Tutorial


Q. Does “Art Heist” have to be played before I can play VENARI?
No, it’s not required to have seen “Art Heist” before. While returning players will discover continuity in the plot, VENARI features a cutscene that introduces the game to newcomers (

Q. What is the game’s primary goal?
The main goals are to explore a previously undiscovered island, work through challenging puzzles, and learn the Venari artifact’s secrets. In order to advance in the game Adventure Game (, players must traverse through a variety of landscapes and solve puzzles.

Q. In VENARI, what kinds of puzzles might I anticipate?
There are many different types of puzzles in the game, such as complex mechanical puzzles and logic-based tests. These puzzles are essential to the game’s growth and are meant to challenge players’ problem-solving abilities.

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