Download Cherry Tower NSP, XCI ROM

Title: Cherry Tower
Release Date: Jan 25, 2024
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Webnetic
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 010085B01D270000
Title Size: 82 MB
Language: English
Required Firmware: 16.1.0
CFW: 16.1.0 + Atmosphere 1.5.5

Cherry Tower : In order to restore the tower’s cherry blossoms, players of the enthralling puzzle-platformer “Cherry Tower” must travel a magical tower full of difficult riddles, silly characters, and hidden mysteries.

Features of the Game: 

  • Gorgeous Visuals: Lose yourself in entrancing settings and gorgeous hand-drawn visuals.
  • Difficult Puzzles: Complete complex puzzles that put your reasoning and ingenuity to the test.
  • Platforming Adventure: Use precise and fluid platforming techniques to make your way through the tower.
  • Enchanting Narrative: As you advance in the game, learn a touching tale.
  • Undiscovered Secrets: Explore the tower to find easter eggs, trinkets, and hidden chambers.
  • Personalize your character by dressing them in distinctive clothes and accessories.

Download Cherry Tower NSP, XCI ROM

  • Cherry Tower NSP ROM | 81.8 MB

Download Cherry Tower NSP ROM

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Q. Which platforms does “Cherry Tower” work with?

You can play “Cherry Tower” on your Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Q. Does “Cherry Tower” work for kids of all ages?

Yes, “Cherry Tower” is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family and by players of all ages.

Q. Can my buddies and I play “Cherry Tower”?

No, “Cherry Tower” is a solitary game designed to provide an intimate feeling of adventure.

Q. What is the duration of the game?

Playing the game can take you anywhere from 10 to 15 hours, depending on how quickly you solve the puzzles.

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