Download Metro PD: Close to You NSP, XCI ROM

Title: Metro PD, Close to You
Release Date: Nov 30, 2023
Category: Adventure
Publisher: Voltage
Type: eShop
Format: NSP
Title ID: 010013601AF70000
Title Size: 1.28 GB
Language: En, Ja
Required Firmware: 16.1.0
CFW: 16.1.0 + Atmosphere 1.5.5

Metro PD: Close to You : The immersive detective adventure game “Metro PD: Close to You” puts players in the role of an experienced detective working in the busy metropolis of Metro. Players can explore complicated crime scenes, question suspects, and gather evidence to solve a range of cases ranging from thefts and missing persons to high-profile murders. The game blends narrative-driven gameplay with complex puzzle-solving and decision-making. Players engage with a wide cast of individuals, traverse a highly realistic metropolitan setting, and make decisions that impact the plot and the cases’ outcomes. With realistic crime-solving mechanisms, evocative graphics, and captivating storylines, “Metro PD: Close to You” delivers an intense experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats, questioning every move they make.

Download Metro PD: Close to You NSP, XCI ROM

  • Metro PD: Close to You NSP ROM | 1.4 GB

Download Metro PD: Close to You NSP ROM

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Q. What is the duration of the game?

Depending on the player’s decisions and pace, the game can be played for 20 to 30 hours.

Q. Do my decisions have an impact on how the game turns out?

The storyline and how each case is resolved are greatly influenced by the decisions made by the player, creating a variety of alternative outcomes.

Q. Exist any DLCs or in-game purchases?

There are no in-game microtransactions in the game, but there are optional DLCs that add additional cases and develop the story.

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